Fast-Track Test Booking

Looking for a fast-track driving test?

Driving Test Bookings are very easy with Fast Track Test Booking.  Take the fast lane on your path to obtaining a driver's license with Fast Track Test Booking!  Get ready for the open road in no time! If you were looking to Book a Driving Test on the DVSA website, you would find nothing there, and the average waiting period is a minimum of 6 to 8 months.

Book your Driving Test from us and book a Faster Driving Test appointment Today!

Fast Track Driving test booking

For Students

  • We search for your matching test, according to the criteria you provide us with
  • We book and confirm your test with DVSA once you are happy.
  • We send you a confirmation & text message reminder on test day.
  • You cut out the hassle of finding a test!
  • PLEASE NOTE: Fast Track Test Bookings does not include the vehicle for the test.

If you would like to go onto our test register to find a test, then sign up today by clicking below and filling in a simple form. We will then be in touch to arrange your test booking!

For Instructors

  • We create a personal instructor profile, where your students fill in the info of the test they want, without giving any contact details
  • We inform you of matching tests and availability
  • You confirm with your students, and we book it all in - sending confirmation to you.
  • No contact with your students - Just taking that hassle out of test booking!

If you would like to register for this service with us, just click below and fill in the simple form, then we will be in contact to start booking those tests for you!