For Instructors

Remember the following when your student has a test:

  • When your student passes their test take a photo a photo – send to
  • Inform the office of hours you are due for payment – 0207 0991 232 or
  • If you student fails their test – send the recommended hours for a retest – 0207 0991 232 and speak to your student manager

Driving Test Tips & Tutorials:

Our Driving test tips and video tuition website is a fantastic tool to either refer your students to or contribute to yourself! With a step by step driving course syllabus from start to finish with tuition on all steps – this website is great for any driver experienced or new. If you want to sign up to become a contributor please Contact Us!

Check out the Driving Test Tips page – Click Here

Fast Track driving test bookings for your students!

An instructors test management system to provide instructors and their schools a quick and easy way to get driving tests booked for their students.

Get your own personal instructor profile for free!
Each instructor will get their own private page, with a form their student’s can fill in to request a test from us – with no need to provide your student’s details, we only deal with you as an instructor! Check out a sample profile – click-here

How it works:

  • All communications about the test are communicated with the instructor and not the student.
  • There is no request for student information on the student registration form.
  • Click Here for our procedure from start to finish.

More About Us:
We have been booking Fast Track driving tests and normal driving tests for driving instructors, driving schools, and students for in excess of 8 years.

We guarantee:

  • To find you the test you want at the test centre of your choice, on the day you want. (providing you give enough notice)
  • We do not lock down a test unless you have agreed and accepted the booked test.
  • We do not communicate with your students.
  • If you need us to collect the test booking fees on your behalf we will do that. You can charge the student according to your fee structure.

register-here for our easy & hassle free fast-track test booking service!