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Electronic Indicators / Dashboard - Show Me / Tell Me

Show Me How you will turn on the rear fog lights and when it is necessary to use them?
Switch on your main lights. Now locate and turn on the fog lights. On the dashboard of your car, you should see a visible green light indicating that your lights have been turned on, and a yellow or amber light indicating that your fog lights have been turned on. NB..You should explain that the fog lights are only to be used when visibility has been reduced to 100 meters or less. *Note – Only use fog lights when required as they can dazzle other road users and cause unnecessary danger. it is a dangerous practice to use your fog lights in normal night driving!
Show Me How do you switch on your beam lights (main lights), then dip them and then explain how you can see this without exiting the car? Switch on the ignition of your car but do not fire the engine. Now switch on the main beams of the car. A green indicator light on the dashboard of the car should show that the main beams are on. A blue light on the dash would light up to show when the main beams are set to high beam. You will need to be able to demonstrate how to dip your lights and set them to high beam and correspondingly how to read this information from the indicator lights on your dashboard. If in doubt, read the manufacturer's guide of the car!
Tell Me How can you confirm that the car’s front & rear lights are on, without exiting the car? The examiner requires you to tell him how you would check that the lights are working. You would operate the light switch from inside the car and explain to him that you would walk around the car and check each of the lights individually to see if they are all working. You can also point out that the light on the dash will indicate that the lights have been switched on.
Tell Me How will you know when if there was a problem with the anti-lock braking system? If your car is fitted with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) it will have an electronic monitoring system, which continually checks that the ABS is functioning correctly. When you switch on the ignition of the car the ABS malfunction light will be briefly illuminated. If there is a problem with the system this light will illuminate permanently after it has run the initial checks when the car was switched on. If the ABS malfunction light remains on or is illuminated you should have the system checked by a professional as soon as possible.

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THE Driving Standards Agency (DSA) publications 'Driving the essential skills and ' The official DSA driving test'

ALWAYS REMEMBER - you should read and make use of all information available to you through the DSA and any other reference guides to form a balanced revision for your test.

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