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Driving Test Preparation:
Taking your practical driving test doesn’t have to be a daunting task, although nerves kick in – with the right instructor and preparing yourself as best as you can – you are much more likely to come out smiling on test day!

What you need for test day:

Preparation is key to ensure you have everything with you for the driving test, from the correct documentation to your paper and plastic part of your provisional license:

Documentation you will need:
1- Plastic card part of your provisional driver’s license – In the case where you still have an old style provisional driver’s license you will need to present your passport as Photo ID. - Compulsory

- Counterpart, paper portion of your provisional drivers license - Compulsory

3- A printed copy of your appointment letter. You should have received this in the post within three to four days after booking the practical driving test. If you don’t have this you can recover a copy by going online and printing a screenshot of the appointment. This part is not compulsory, but will give you the exact date, time and test center to avoid confusion.

4 – A copy of your theory test certificate. The DSA documentation states that you should have a copy at hand of your theory certificate as examiners do ask it see it from time to time. Although it’s best to have it with you, the system run by DSA would not allow you to book a practical driving test without passing your theory first.

Extra Suggestion:

*DON'T BE LATE rather be 10 minutes early than risk missing your test.

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