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Tyre revision - Tell Me

Tell Me Tell me where you will get the details for the suggested tyre pressure for the vehicle how you would check the tyre pressure is correct, and when you should check the tyre pressure? The correct tyre pressure for your vehicle can be found in the manufacturer's guide. The tyres should be checked before they have driven a long distance, when the tyres are still cold with the use of a reliable pressure gauge. This can be found at most service stations or can be purchased from a respectable car dealer. There are 3 parts to the answer, manufacturers guide, tyres are still cold, reliable pressure gauge.
Tell Me Tell me know how you will test the tyres to make sure that they have a sufficient tread level and that the standard condition is safe for driving? On visual inspection the tyres should have no cuts or bulges on the sidewalls of the tyre or the tread area. There should be a minimum of 1.6 millimeters of tread depth, across the central three quarters of the breadth of the tyre around the entire circumference.

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THE Driving Standards Agency (DSA) publication 'Driving the essential skills' and ' The official DSA driving test'

ALWAYS REMEMBER - you should read and make use of all information available to you through the DSA and any other reference guides to form a balanced revision for your test.

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